The Spiritual Life & Business Institute Opens up for enrollment in 2019


Ready for more money, freedom, and JOY! It's time to break through the limitations and OPEN UP to SUCCESS!

What is the Spiritual Life & Business Institute and what will I be able to learn? 

You'll be able to get online and personalized training, business training, certification, coaching, healing, special courses, and more.

We have a specific CORE TRAININGS and an exclusive business section, life track, spiritual track and more....proven systems that have been created for you in mind with over 20 years of business success, spiritual teachings, healing work, and leadership coaching by Mimi Quick.

Are you ready to heal, start, grow, and even transform your business into a prosperously aligned business with ease and grace rather than fear and struggle. "Create your Aligned Signature Program" that helps your ideal clients and honors you at the same time.

Learn to ACCESS YOUR POWER.  Clear out Money Blocks

Embrace your Spiritual energy, Manage it, and fuel your life and business with it.

The list goes on.

It's time to get your gifts out into the world without the push, pull, hard energy and drama associated with business, marketing, and yes even sales. As a spiritual entrepreneur you're not too thrilled about misaligned marketing and all that other stuff that feels inauthentic but you want to get your gifts out, I feel it too, never liked the icy sales processes that other taught, so I created my own way and shared it with my clients. Don't worry we'll melt off stress not pack it on. As a spiritual entrepreneur you feel a great sense of responsibility to honor your gifts and those who you are here to be in service to, I totally understand that.

There is a different way! You can be who you are all with all your magical qualities and make a HUGE DIFFERENCE with your gifts, attract clients, and grow your business to the level you envision.


You'll have access to Mimi Quick's Proven Methods,  Step by Step Business Systems, Trainings, and Prosperity Processes available for you to learn from, plus 1-1 help which is very rare these days in marketing and group online course taking, but crucial to your success and it's included in many of her programs.

Mimi believes in giving you all that you need to succeed, with easy step by step teachings of what works. If you're ready, now is your time! Let's do this.

And remember she has a track record of helping entrepreneurs and businesses clear out blocks and make more money than they've ever made before from idea to creating the process, program, sales, branding, and even training and coaching you to success.

That's why for decades she's been called the Prosperity Muse & Psychic Business Mentor. Asked to speak on stages, led teams, and been interviewed on tv, radio, in groups, online and more!

Mimi has written 2 best selling books Your Big Money Shift & Defy All Obstacles to Prosperity and contributed to 3 international best sellers too. (with 13 more books on the way in spirituality, business, money, and more!) 

She receives emails, cards, and messages every week from clients thanking her for her work, insights, and how the coaching changed their lives.

Mimi Quick - Spiritual Leader , PSychic, Founder and Business Mentor welcomes you into this sacred space

Hi Love, I am so happy to meet you and help you on your journey. If you're here I know you're ready for your next level of success and prosperity.

Maybe that means you're simply embracing your real power and clearing out money blocks, or maybe it means that you feel the calling to leave your corporate job and fulfill your souls work, whatever brought you here to meet me, I am grateful for that and I am ready to help you own your power, heal, learn what you need to succeed in business and become a true leader in the world.

Not everyone's success will look the same, we are all here with different missions, so if you're ready, I am ready to teach you what I know as a very in tune psychic,business mentor, and consciousness thought leader, I've been doing my work since 1998 and have created a system that breaks through tough blocks and more. 

The magical energy will start to help you shift as soon as you allow yourself to breathe in the goodness, relax, and trust. Like I said you're in good hands. 

You'll learn not to struggle but to allow yourself to tap into your intuition to lead the way, I will help you unravel any pesky money blocks that are not serving you, and you'll even create a business that you love and loves you back! 

Come learn how to align to your prosperity in life and business. It's here for you. With over 30,000 client coaching & mentoring sessions with happy clients and students, hundreds of online workshops and in person workshops you are in good hands.

If you're just starting out, you're in the right place. 

If you're ready to enhance your spiritual gifts and step out as a leader in your field, build your skills, coaching, sales, and more authentically and honestly - you are in the right place!

See you in The Spiritual Life and Business Institute. Get on the VIP List Now to Get Updates & 2019 Launch Details.

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